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What do you make of this true story? (everyone read)?

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Asked at 2010.09.01 20:40:35
I work in a hospital so I get to hear some true stories...

There was this woman who was very ill, she didn't believe in God, or spirits. Her doctor said to her that she only had one or two days left to live. The woman was surprise that she would go that fast. She said that she had some visions recently of some white spirits that came to visit her, not much details, basically spirit, they were very comforting and she said that she felt like she wanted to go with them.

I have experienced these white spirits, that were comforting, and they too didn't have much detail, because they are from a higher dimension, their vibrational speed is fast. They came to me to comfort and encourage, because I was giving up.

What do you think, she never believed in God or spirits, yet she is about to die and they come to her, with comforting love to guide her home~

What do the skeptics want to say about this?
Everyone is welcome to answer....thank you!
answer Tomb Raider  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:40:35
Inteleye,Well you know me,I'm not a skeptic at all especially because I've had so many personal experiences over my life time,so I thought I would just share with you what happened before my mom passed away.Now she did believe in the Lord and they have always said that when we are on our death bed someone comes to help us cross over to the other side.I have always believed in the Lord and when I was sitting by my moms side,she kept saying,who is that standing there? Of course I didn't see anyone,but she did,I just believe that a spirit comes to us when we are dying to comfort us and let us know that they are here to help us.I believe that it's the Lords final judgment in the end,I think that these spirits are sent to us in our time of need.I know we are both very interested in this phenomena and I realize how many skeptics are out there,I think until they encounter their own personal experiences they will put down and try to analysis this phenomena.They are always trying to find some logical explanation why this may occur but the thing is that science can't disprove this as of yet.There have also been many people that have had after death experiences in hospitals and they have been brought back in the operating rooms and they remember all the details and describe to the Dr.s what they have seen,there has got to be something to this.Just my thoughts,Tomb Raider.
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