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My son just drew me a picture of a woman "ghost" or spirit he says he's been seeing...?

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Asked at 2010.09.01 20:40:00
for about seven months in our house. He says he sees her out of the corner of his eye, but when he turns to face her, and she vanishes. He says she does not seem threatening, nor is he afraid, other than the first time he saw her. He seems to be telling the truth, as opposed to pulling my leg. What to make of this, I do not know.
answer Tom  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:40:00
The best thing to do is not make a big deal about it. Pay attention that he is not being influenced in a negative manner and treat it as a normal thing so he does not have to deal with it alone.

What you say is happening with your son is similar to the way it started with me 40 years ago. It did not take long and I could also talk with them. My parents decided I had a vivid imagination as I was able to describe the people and when we started having conversations they just figured I had an imaginary playmate. It was always the same woman I was talking with and about a year into the friendship, it was found that a woman fitting the description I had given had actually died in the room that was my bedroom. My parents had problems accepting that I was not "normal" and I learned to keep it to myself. This has become a "normal" part of my life for some 40 years along with many other natural abilities that others claim do not exist. I will say that it is like having friends that very few of the people I have met can see, hear or feel their presence when they are there. At times the contact is like a visit and at other times I am given information that has to do with something in my life or others. When one passes on the information, it often has the effect of causing fear in others when the information comes to pass. I have never been given any false information although at times it is difficult to understand. In 1992 I was given information that I was to do something "before I could not do it for a longer time." The next day I was paralized and it was 13 months before I was back from being hospitalized. The information was correct and at other times it has been just as important for myself and others.
Some will say what I write is BS and I need to get professional help. To this I can laugh. I was sent to psychological therapy due to my handicap both private and in a physical rehabilitation clinic. What I do is not understood but no longer doubted by those I have seen. I was told that I do not need a psychologist but rather referred to Freiberg University (I have lived in Germany since the US government sent me here in 1984 where my unusual talents were useful) there they have one of the most well known programs for parapsychology but I am not at liberty to do that.

My son also started to have similar experiances between the ages of 5-6. It started to become less with age and by the time he was through puberty, it had totally stopped.

It can go either way and even expand to other abilities. These are NORMAL abilities that some people have more sensitivity to than some others. Just because I am tone deaf, I cannot say that people are not able to hear different tones and know what they are. I do not know if you have someone in your area that you can discuss this with but if you choose, feel free to e-mail me.


Edit; @ Rika, what is with 3:00 AM? After 40 years with this I have never heard of such a thing. Up until that comment, your answer was not bad. So I need to ask in which time zone you speak of and do they recognise daylight savings time? Here in Germany it is 23:30 and back home in Arizona it is 2:30 PM so should I pay more attention in 3 1/2 hours or in 15 1/2 hours? Next month here the clocks get set foreward but in Az. the clocks do not get changed, what do I do then? As a child I was normally asleep at 3:00 AM but that was in Chicago which is a different time zone all together. Maybe that is why the house door was opened every night even when my father put new locks on it, the woman I mentioned above was bored because everyone was asleep and she decided to go out for a walk.individual

Sorry if my sarcasm is a bit harsh, it is just that the 3:00 AM makes no sense. I am not sure where you have that information but the time would be irrelevant, or at best an individual preferance for the ghost. If you have an explaination as to why you state 3:00 AM as a particularly active time, please post it, I am honestly interested in the reason. I am open minded and willing to learn something new.

I am serious about hearing your clerification.

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