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Harmful Pesticides Used In Farming?

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Asked at 2010.08.31 03:11:33
Do you consider this a problem? Why or why not?

What are you doing to help solve or prevent this problem?

Do you have any suggestions about what I personally could do to help with this problem?

answer bikinkawboy  Answered at 2010.08.31 03:11:33
First of all, if you knew anything at all about pesticides, you'd know that most ag pesticides are the exact same ones urban people are using on their lawns, gardens, flowers and around the house to kill bugs. So which is worse, for a farmer to use it on his field far from any people or for you to use it on your yard where your kids will roll around and play, on your flowers where you will sock your nose into them to smell the fragrance, on the vegetables you'll eat or around the house where you will walk, touch and breath them???

My suggestion? Actually study up and learn about the thousands of different pesticides, their effects, how, where and why they're used and so on. And don't just focus on farmers as being the culprits because for the same area, urban residents use many more times the volume than a farmer does. And I guess you can do your part by eating wormy apples, moldy vegetables, rotting fruit, let the roaches and ants overrun your kitchen, the mosquitoes eat you alive and give you malaria and termites feed on your house until it falls down onto you when you least expect it.
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