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Is hydroponic produce grown without pesticides? Are they usually genetically modified?

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Sweet Tooth 
Asked at 2010.08.31 03:08:52
I notice that the hydroponic tomatoes in my market look like they are a lot better quality than the others- even the organic. In the Northeast US you almost never find red ripe tomatoes unless you go to a farmer's market. The hydroponics are always nice and red- the rest- hard and orange. But I wonder if they are GMO? And if they aren't GMO and not grown with pesticides, it's the next best thing to organic, right? Maybe even better because you can actually taste them.
answer Ohiorganic  Answered at 2010.08.31 03:08:52
Likely not GMO as I do not believe there is a GMO tomato on the market currently. There have been a couple in the past but the flavor was so bad(said to taste like kerosene) they were pulled from the market and commercial growers refused to grow them.

If you want to be sure look at the sticker. If the number starts with an 8 it is a GMO, if the number starts with a 9 it is certified organic. if it is a 4 digit number it is conventionally grown but not GMO.

Hydroponics is not the same as organic (though there are organic hydroponic farms). The nutrient slurry fed to plants is not a natural feed, it is chemical fertilizer.

Greenhouses do get pest problems and so it is not unknown for a hydroponic operation to use poisons in the houses to kill off the pests.

Food grown in dirt generally tastes better than food grown with a chemical slurry as the slurry does not have the complete supply of nutrients one usually will find with healthy soil, especially well managed organic soil.
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