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Why do you think marriage is so important when it comes to children?

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Asked at 2010.08.19 20:04:43
marriage is a legal term and a spiritual step right? a vow/commitment made in front of a judge/clergy member/god/justice of the peace. it affords certain legal rights to the parties involved. some even just consider it a piece of paper.
most, i assume is a fair guess, are taught you grow up, get married, and then you start a family. why? why is it done that way?
what is so important about that step, that, that is the usual and accepted way of procreating?
what is it about marriage that makes that the way to be?
does being married make you a better parent? does making a legal and spiritual commitment somehow make you more ready for children?

interesting tidbit - quick google search to a site called using 19 countries - avg age of marriage = 28.1 and avg age of first child = 26.9

bw - just a discussion question. a thought in my head i thought id share and get opinions
answer jerry m  Answered at 2010.08.19 20:04:43
Marriage is another label that gets distorted and misused. It should be eliminated. Everything should be referred to by its true definition. Commitment IS a better word. But, its also usually a blind step taken during a weak moment. Like it or not, we are evolving day to day. It takes constant work to stay on the path we choose and because we vow to do that with someone else's company, we often must sacrifice or do things we dislike to keep it together. This really has nothing to do with children.

Children just need love and understanding from everyone. A man and woman together can give a child early understandings of relationships, but its optional. Some people fret at the thought of several men and women living together and having sex while raising children. But it isnt necessarily harmful. I am surprised at how kids preceive homosexuality compared to our corrupted adult minds. The bottom line is a positive environment compared to a traditional yet negative one.
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