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In what way could we make the parenting section feel more welcoming to those who don't perceive it that way?

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Asked at 2010.08.19 20:04:12
there's a lot of talk of cliques and such on here. how can we make the parenting section feel warm and welcoming to newcomers without taking away from the friendships that do really form here (and hopefully will form for those newcomers, as well)?

this is not a "jump in and bash someone" question. i'm soliciting constructive and politely stated ideas about how to make this place seem more comfortable for everyone.
answer Bozz Mozz  Answered at 2010.08.19 20:04:12
Although I'm one that's been thrown in a heap to one side, I would like to say that there's some truth (I speak for myself only) to biased BA's when the lack of a true best answer exists. I've got enough humility to own up to that. I don't think that's limited to my friends and I though. I think any of us have a temptation to choose a friend for BA when possible. It's about the kindest thing you can do on this site. There are times I could be more objective. So thank you to the person who posted that. It didn't go unappreciated and it must've been hard to post. (It's easy to say I wish things were different, it's hard to stand behind what you'd like to see happen.) I also appreciate the person who posted the popularity posts are like a pat on the back to each other. I get that. I stopped posting in those for that very reason. I don't want to be the reason someone else feels like sludge. I will say I don't think anybody deliberately meant harm by it though. It’s posted as an opportunity to recognize whose 2-cents you value here.

People are talking about personalized questions like it’s an epidemic. I rarely see this. And when I do see it, it’s not something that stemmed off of something private, but off of another question.

Some brand new people said that they were never made to feel unwelcome. I think they're the best ones to give that opinion, don't you? I also, without bragging, think that's a thousand percent true. If I (again, speaking for myself) give anyone a hard time right off the bat, it's because it's asked for, such as a post given in an argumentative or aggressive way. If my retort made such a person feel unwelcome, maybe they should examine where that's really coming from.
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See those thumbs down? For what is a very objective answer, with ownership for fault and empathy for both sides? Carrie got 10 thumbs down for saying she felt like she had to leave? So please, stop with the isolated victim saga and don’t tell me how damaged anyone is. If they can display such infantile anger they’ll be just fine. Put your broken heart at ease.
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