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Did any of the mama's here have a placental abruption?

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Nichola watters 
Asked at 2010.08.05 07:29:21
Had my 20w scan yesterday, dr said I had a placental abruption. It is still small, I am not bleeding out or have any discharge. Baby has all healthy organs, helthy size, and is getting sufficient oxygen and nutrition.

He explained all possibilitys (good and bad) and advised me what to do in between seeing him. I will be seeing him weekly for the timebeing.

Did any of you ever have a placental abruption, how did things go? Did you deliever early, if so when?

I already asked this in pregnancy, got lots of messgaes of support which is so lovely, just wondering if any N&B mamas are familiar with it.
answer GI  Answered at 2010.08.05 07:29:21
I did with my last daughter. I lost so much blood that I had to receive a transfusion. I was told that i would miscarry but before they were going to do a d&C they detected a heartbeat so they decided to let nature take it's course. It never did and I delivered a healthy 6 lb baby 5 months later. Best of luck with your new edition .
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