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How to make your own eyeshadow?  

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Candice x catastrophic 
Asked at 2009.12.18 07:03:54
I heard a lot of people do it now. and im not allowed to buy anything off the internet, so i was wondering how do you make your own eyeshadow? I mean from scratch to finish. : D, Btw i live in canada so any stuff that would come from canada also helps
answer iTs mEe :)  Answered at 2009.12.18 07:03:54
What's Eyeshadow Made Of?
Eyeshadow products are basically bases made of powder and mica pigment combined with a simple binder.

The binder makes the powders stick together. That’s how you get a pressed panned powder.

Now, if you have eyeshadows, then you have the bases and pigments already. You can tweak them. It’s not hard at all. As a matter of fact, learning how to make eyeshadow is a cinch!
How To Mix Eyeshadow
Eyeshadows can be mixed easily with a little mini-grinder that you can get from one of the mineral makeup companies online such as Monave Cosmetics. With mini-grinders you can mix powders in small amounts. It blends in a cup that is attached to the grinder and then you just pour it out. It is possible to blend your shadows without one, but often the shadows will have streaks in them. The blender simply allows you get an even color.
Simple Tip
You can also mix your eye shadows in a Ziplock Bag. Just put the powders in the bottom, seal it, and "squish" to blend them together.

Eyeshadow Binder
Once the color is blended then you might decide that you want a pressed shadow. A pressed shadow requires two additional items.

* Spray powder binder that will make the powder particles adhere to each other.

* A metal mini press to press the shadow into the pans.

You can buy a professional spray powder binder from an online mineral cosmetics company called La Belle Femme Cosmetics. Although distilled water can be used as a binder, it generally does not work as well as the sprays. Some people choose to use alcohol, but the problem with doing that is the drying effect it has on the shadows. The pro binders are a better solution.
Eyeshadow Mini Press
Little metal mini presses are used to push the powder down into the shadow pans. These can also be found online at La Belle Femme Cosmetics.

Simple Tip
You can also use the back of a metal spoon to press the eyeshadow with. Using a spoon allows you to firmly push the powder together.
Five Easy Steps...
The steps to learn how to make eyeshadow are simple:

1. Grind and blend the powders.

2. Pour into a container - Spray with binder.

3. Mix and blend. Spray and blend as needed.

4. Scoop out and into an empty container.

5. Press with the mini-press or a spoon.

Simple Color Tips
Mix a green shade with some gold. Make several shades of blue by mixing in some white. Alter purple eyeshadow with a little pink shadow.

When you know how to make eyeshadow the possibilities
are limitless. You can use these techniques to transform
your powdered blush colors, too.
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