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Ouija boards.....???.?

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(¯`*•.¸♥ @ky 
Asked at 2010.05.25 17:00:29
have you guys used them before?
what what was the scariest thing that it said?
do you belive in them?
any stories?
answer ♥(•mαríαà Answered at 2010.05.25 17:00:29
i have one, and i've used it.
at first me and my friend were using a fake board, like one we made and well tbh i thought she was the one moving the thing.
but then we got the real board and we were talking to my brother in law that died, and my mom told us to ask a question that neither me or my friend knew the answer to and he spelt out the answer and my mom said the answer was right. i believe in them.
some freaky stuff happened from the board though. like we asked if they could show us a sign to show us they're here and at first they didn't do nothing, and we were like "why aren't you showing the sign?" and the person we were talking to was like "i will" well, later me and my friend was in the kitchen and we were by the counter top and we were talking, and the stove turned on out of nowhere o_O and another time i was in the kitchen cleaning the floor and my friend and my sister was in the living room. and the light above the stove turned on... and it wasn't noone because the switch is above the stove to turn it on, and i was the only one in the kitchen

something else really creepy happened but i'm not gonna say it here because it's a really long story and people will think im crazy, anyways

also, if you have one. don't put it in a closed space like a closet or something. they say if you do that the spirits will come out or something. but yeah, i had my board in my open closet on the side and my mom was straightening the room and she put stuff ontop of the board on accident so now my board is in there and i'm scared to get it out o_o oh and DON'T throw the board out or destroy it, they say if you do that the board will end up back in your house.
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