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Teenagers:Whats the strangest thing you've heard while taking a test?

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Asked at 2010.05.25 16:55:35
Last week during our Physics test, it was super quiet through out D Hall(the hall that I have class in). There are only a few classes in it anyways(Its mostly science class rooms and the science rooms are twice the size of a History or Math class). I'm guessing most of the other classes had their doors closed. It was totally quiet in our class. All of a sudden in the hallway, we just hear this sexual moan.Everybody just looked up like "Whoa. What the heck was THAT?" and of course, people made jokes..
answer ♡♥ℒiνΠ Answered at 2010.05.25 16:55:35
While writing a really stressful exam:
(Our classroom was right next to the bathroom.)

"You get the bessssssst of both worlds na na na na na...Then you rock out the get the bessssssssst of both worlds, Mix it all together, and you know that it's the na na na na na..."

I guess someone forgot a bit of the lyrics.
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