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Will North Korea launch the missile?

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Bee Bee 
Asked at 2010.05.08 08:24:49
Or they just testing Obama?
answer L.T.M.  Answered at 2010.05.08 08:24:49
Hey BB don't take this as a defense of Obama. If Bush was in office they'd be doing the same thing. The threat made the other day by sos hillary ..imo was not a threat of military force for several reasons. If you take nukes out of the picture completely North Korea still has Thousands of long range artillery and missile systems that could kill thousands in South Korea within hours even while under attack from our forces. S. Korea's capital is easily within range of their fire and the norths big guns..some buried..some mobile would take days or weeks to find and destroy. Then there's the real threat chemical weapons such as nerve gas.

All I'm saying is that once something starts over there there is no way it can be controlled without us and our allies hitting the north in a way not seen since our bombings of Dresden Germany. The stakes are high. I have faith in our military but not in their boss.

I would be VERY surprised if the US or it's Allies fire anything at this missile. Stranger things have happened but it's more likely that there will be more sanctions to follow etc etc etc. Japan and China are the wild cards here.

Suppose this thing malfunctions and hits or even heads towards Japan. Things could get ugly in a hurry!

Hell I'm not even sure who's running the show in N.K. right now. KJI or China or just some psycho General.
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