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Do you see america or American as a joke?

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I Am XD 
Asked at 2010.05.08 08:24:13
do you see America or Americans as a joke', when they said that there are the best country!!!.. because i do since im european as in french and swedes. since i think no i know that france and sweden and italy!!!. and let not forget germany and also other europeans countries. sorry i can't say all europeans countries!!!. because that would be to much haha. but you know who im talking about. your country. since there are all better than america. as in better life and freedom. now i know america has great freedom but'. they don't have the best'. as in like i said before france and sweden' and other better europeans countries. also i find american funny when they talk. because they talk funny. now what do you think of them. or when you see them as in americans. or when you visit america. what do you see of them as. or there dumb President of america bush as. do i hate america well yes and no. both !!!
answer LadyMoonlight!!  Answered at 2010.05.08 08:24:13
I don't think anyone other than Americans beleive that they are the "greatest country on earth". They are so brainwashed its scary.

And as for this nonsense about them "saving" Europe in WWII, I wish they would put away their arrogance and stop dishonouring the lives and memories of the millions of non-American allies who fought and died to "save" Europe. Its this sort of arrogant BS which makes other countries hate them so much.

And as for their constant assertions that all Europeans are "jealous" of them - no thanks. A country where a child dies of a tooth abcess because her parents cannot PAY for the medical treatment she needed is nothing to be jealous of. I thank God I live in a country where treatment for the sick is a right not an expensive commodity.
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