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Isn't the following just like the history of a serial killer?

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Asked at 2010.05.08 08:19:59
In the last 50 years, the United States Government, through the military, has promoted, financed and participated in over 200 incursions and 20 separate wars, killing at least 8,000,000 people.

1952 to 1979 - 70,000 Iranians killed. (Ayatollah Khomeini, United States public enemy for the 1980s, was on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) payroll while in exile in Paris in the 1970s, as were Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden at different times.)

1954 - 120,000 Guatemalans killed

1954 to 1975 - 4,000,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians killed.

1965 - 3,000 Dominican Republicans killed

1965 - 800,000 Indonesians killed

1973 - 30,000 Chileans killed

1975 - 250,000 East Timorese killed

1970s - 1,000,000 Angolans killed

1984 - 30,000 Nicaraguans killed

1980s - 80,000 El Salvadorans killed

1989 - 8,000 Panamanians killed in an attempt to capture George H. Bush's CIA partner now turned enemy, Manuel Noriega.

1980s - over 700,000 From Libyan, Grenada, Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nicaragua, Brazilian, Argentinean and Yugoslavian killed.

1990s - over 1,000,000 Iraqis killed, including over 500,000 children -- about which Madeline Albright (then, Secretary of State) said "their deaths are worth the cost". (Does George H. W. Bush own 80% of the oil wells in Kuwait?)
answer Don't call me dude  Answered at 2010.05.08 08:19:59
This is the cost of empire. My country's owners have no conscience.

As long as a wealthy few own and operate USA, Inc., the largest capitalist combine on the planet, this will continue. And those of us in the imperial center are not somehow immune. Our bosses have a history of abusing the lower classes and minorities at home as well.

Are you surprised that some people have no sense or knowledge of their own nation, both in recent events and in history?

Don't be. Most Americans' source of history information is a public school system where privatized curricula, materials and testing regimes, under rules like "No Child Left Behind," shovel billion$ into the coffers of corporations like McGraw-Hill and Kaplan. Meanwhile, teachers' unions are weakened and education levels plummet.

We seldom see anything other than news from the servile and prurient U.S. press. We may not know about the many wars and the thousands of military bases our owners maintain around the world, but we know all about Britney!

That's why your simple and verifiable list is responded to by some as if it was "hate speech." They genuinely don't know. So it can't be true. "...because we're the good guys."

Most of us not only don't know our country's history - we don't know about our left tradition, either.

But the place where May Day was invented cannot stay under this primitive system forever.

I just hope my bosses don't blow up the world before we get out of this.

For those Americans who look to "true conservatives" or "true liberals" to save us, may I point out that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were in power during the periods of these killings? The conservative/liberal "alternatives," America's giant game of hard cop/soft cop, can provide no answers.

Growing up during the early cold war, I always had a sense of an impending catastrophe in near-future history. Not necessarily a nuclear apocalypse, but a major sea change. Interesting how Americans grown up since the fall of the Soviets don't have that. Is it simply a matter of not having to worry about that notice from selective service in your mailbox? Worrying for yourself and your school buddies as you watch the draft lottery drawings on TV?

Are today's CNN/FOX shots of blown-up bridges and fleeng civilians, interspersed with pictures of people wearing hoods being savaged by dogs or wired to electrodes, just not personal enough for Americans to understand what is happening?

Think things have been bad? Imagine the next ten years as the dying planet-spanning behemoth, USA, Inc., continues its decline. Think gas and food lines at home, with the U.S. regularly and the EU, Russia and China sometimes, involved in a series of murderous brushfire wars and occupations in third world nations. As the old quote goes, will we see "Two, three, many Vietnams"?

Oh, and the occasional confrontation between the U.S., EU, China, or Russia.

More than any other historical scenario, with the decline of empires plus a military technology shift, this period resembles that just before WW One. Only Woodrow Wilson and the Kaiser didn't have nukes. Humanity as a whole is in a period far more violatile, and representative of an even greater change in the international order, than European humanity was during the fall of Rome.

Either there will be -
a political realignment to the left, and I don't mean liberal, in the United States, OR
a centralization and federalization of the EU with a common military that could resist a US invasion, OR
a World War One-style, every imperial bloc for itself, free-for-all with nukes and satellite weapons.

Any of these outcomes could take decades to happen. And in the meantime, wars like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran?, Venezuela? Pakistan?, your guess here?, will kill millions.

The only force on earth that can address the rapacious American capitalist class, this multi-generational line of serial killers, is the multi-ethnic, multi-national U.S. proletariat.

Rosa Luxemburg's pre-WW1 comment comes to mind - "socialism or barbarism."
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