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Should military service be required to be President? *Exemplary*?

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Asked at 2010.04.28 23:02:03
Exemplary service... not just the fact that one served. *Look* at evaluation cycles, medals/commendations, those sorts of things. Officer or enlisted... doesn't matter which... as long as they have a kick-tail record. Also, *perhaps* add a diverse service field, not someone who sat in one place their whole career (however long it may have been)

This is kinda in response to the idea that military service should be required to vote... which I disagree with... But the President is in fact Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces... should not military experience be a requirement for such a job?
answer amg503  Answered at 2010.04.28 23:02:03
No. Not unless you want to add Economics major, Physicians degree, Law degree, Foreign Relations major, Business degree, and high school principal to the requirements to be President.

The Presidency is the "top job", and you influence so many things: health care, education, defense, foreign relations, etc. Adding any soft or prerequisite to the job would prevent a LOT of people from being President. The general image of America is that you can be ANYTHING you want to be... if we knock leader of the free world off that virtual never-ending list, then that sends a very bad message to children all across this country.

Besides, If I'm going to be President someday, I don't want the only thing to stop me to be the fact that I've never been in the military.
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