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What makes a serial killer?

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Asked at 2010.04.11 05:09:42

answer PITX5  Answered at 2010.04.11 05:09:42
That is a very good question. Some very well meaning people will tell you one excuse or another, poor childhood, brain injury ect, but that simply does not hold true. They come from various social backgrounds and brain injury is very seldom a contributing factor. As psychology is at best an inexact science I shy away from the boilerplate excuses it offers to explain these individuals as well. If you ever have to deal with one of these individuals on a personal level, may God forbid, you will see what I mean.

Sadly, during the course of my career I have had dealings with several with Richard Ramirez (The night stalker) being one of far to many. The one thing that they all seemed to have in common was a complete lack of conscience. They do not view things in terms of right or wrong as would most normal humans. Sociopaths is a good term, but it lacks a certain descriptive quality. If you ever spoke with one of them or looked into their eyes you would understand what I mean. My descriptive skills are not sufficient to describe it adequately. Perhaps evil incarnate comes as close as any other description. As to what makes them, I wish I knew so we could find a cure or eliminate them immediately upon discovery like a rabid animal. I take that back, I would have more respect for the animal as it can not control what it does. A serial killer can, he or she simply chooses not to. A very frightening thought indeed. Unfortunately, I have been forced to deal with them after the fact rather than before.
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