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Are NKs authentic Jews? Or are they non Jews who profess to be Jewish?

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Asked at 2010.03.14 10:54:54
NKs are people who involved with the radical ultra orthodox anti-Zionist organization Neturei Karta. Go to for more info on NK. I believe that the NK's are authentic Jews, but some people believe that they are actually radical Muslims who profess to be Jewish.

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answer allonyoav  Answered at 2010.03.14 10:54:54
Every group has their fringe elements- Neturei Karta are Judaism's. Their total number is less than 200 people,and as a group they have been put into Cherem ( form of excommunication) by Jews around the world. Are they Jewish? yep.Do they represent a tiny minority group that is rejected by the rest of the Jews world wide? Yep.
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