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Is the Undocumented Immigrant issue a head versus heart issue?

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Amanda h 
Asked at 2010.02.25 00:28:50
There are 12-20 million undocumented living in this country. Something needs to be done to assure that we know who is here and what they are doing. Both sides have valid points, but, for seemingly different reasons.

I understand the impact of having this many people here with a completely foreign culture & customs can have on our society socially, and, the economic impact that we are being faced with- especially if the rate of growth increases with the undocumented. These are all concerns.

However, when I read the posts by "pros" they are typically more related to emotion- the plight of the immigrants, their intentions, their work habits, the condition of their old country, etc. These are all, obviously, emotions.

Is this an issue where your position is simply decided by which rules- your head or your heart?
answer game over  Answered at 2010.02.25 00:28:50
that's what been had been told since the fight started however even when some may fall in what u speak of not all of us do . of course using our emotions is important too when making judgment however emotions is not all which should be taken into the mix to make this judgment . i would also like to make clear that in all this time from my experience what i have seen is actually the antis behaving the way u speak of , they see the complications of doing it right and they think it is fair that everyone goes through the same complications , of course that would seen fair if the system actually was fair to those who wait but it isn't , the system is unfair and the fact that it is this way is is not related at all to the undocumented , but to the bureaucracy behind it .

i also would like to mention that many of us pros have presented real facts about the current situation and that most of those facts had been completely ignored by those who say to fallow all logic . facts as Alan green span saying to congress the undocumented are positive to the economy , studies such as the one made by the state of Texas which concluded that with out the undocumented the state would had received 17 billion less in taxes , the fact that the IRS receives 7 billions every year which nobody claims back and which of course do come from the undocumented immigrants , the fact that those are not all the taxes they pay and that there is a lot more than that which surpasses what its actually spend in them , so my question would be does any of what i mentioned seems to be emotionally based ??? my sources are the IRS , Alan Green Span , RAND , the state of Texas , there is nothing emotional about that but yet the unemotional people will not admit that . by the way the USA is becoming richer not poorer so if anyone is having a difficult time maybe that person should make its goal a better education or to make those American which are getting all the money share what they are receiving with the rest .
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