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Why does it bother people to be asked to press one for English?

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Nancy.. formerly known as Chee 
Asked at 2010.02.25 00:27:34
If indeed the agenda here is "illegal" immigration and 32 million LEGAL people speak Spanish, how does pressing one for English relate to "illegal immigration"? And how does something as mundane as pressing a button effect your life?
answer Petey V3.3  Answered at 2010.02.25 00:27:34
these people who oppose it think of themselves as patriots yet they are destroying capitalism and free market ideas.

Private businesses can do anything they want within the boundaries of the law, if I want to make people press 4355 for English and press one for Polish, I can. If I want to run a successful business into the ground, I can...Nobody forces you to press it, if you want to take your business somewhere else the customer is more then welcomed to do it. Nobody holds a gun to your head and says press 1. The only people a business are responsible to is the shareholders or the owners. They are reaching out to a broader market to gain more profits...I dont pay attention to the media rhetoric much but it makes me feel that being rich or owning a business makes you somehow a criminal in the eyes of middle class people.
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