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Should I get two male pet rats or two female?

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Asked at 2010.01.23 23:30:25
I currently have three gerbils, one is a single one :'( who is getting to her older ages. She is still active when she's awake, but sleeps quite a bit more than she used to. My boyfriend and I also recently lost a pet mouse. I thought it would be nice to get us a pair of rats. (After my gerbil passes away.) I wouldn't be getting them for a while, but I just want to be sure this is what we want.
Anyway, I have read that male rats are calmer, but their urine smells worse than a male mouse! Regardless of the cage being cleaned properly, that does not mean their urine doesn't smell. Please just tell me about the urine smell, not how to maintain the cage.
How are the females? Which pair is better in your opinion?
answer Simply Beautiful  Answered at 2010.01.23 23:30:25
They do not smell anywhere near as bad as a male mouse. I have 3 going on 4 males and they don't smell at all. If they smell, you aren't cleaning the cage enough.

Yes, males are calmer. They do urine mark but so do the females (its just a drop of pee here and there.)

Obviously you don't want a male AND female like the one person suggested. You can if you get one fixed however.

My preference is males. Females are more jumpy, hyper and adventurous whereas males just like to sit and be with you. Females are also very prone to tumors which can get expensive to treat. (I'm going through that now with one of my females)

Just make sure you don't use a tank, cedar or pine bedding and don't feed the males oranges (it increases the risk of kidney cancer)

Good luck! Feel free to email me if you need more help!

Edit : Neither gender fights more than the other and males most certainly do NOT need to be kept alone. Rats that are kept alone will become depressed, refuse to eat and even self mutilate!
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