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Betta fish: Is it okay to remove my betta from his tank with my hand instead of a net?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:12:56
When I need to clean the tank, my betta fish is really hard to catch with the soft net since he swims wildly about when he sees it. But tonight, instead of using the net, I put my hand in the tank and scooped him up right away without a fight (I cupped my other hand over him so he wouldn't fall out of my hand.

So is there anything wrong with using my hand to catch my betta rather than using a net? He is the only fish in the tank.
answer Stephanie L  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:12:56
That should actually be ok. As long as you are really gentle and make sure he doesn't struggle and get scratched up by your nails or something like that, that should be ok!!
Every once in a while I like to try and hold my Betta in my hand to feel his scales. I guess I just miss having a pet that I can actually pet, haha!
Oh, and I just noticed some people said to wash your hands before and after you touch him. But, do NOT wash your hands with soap right before you do this! I would just run your hands over very very hot water to get rid of any toxins or bacteria. Even if a tiny bit of soap gets on him, he could get sick! After handling him, then you can wash your hands regularly.
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