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Changing water in Betta fish tank: Dechlorinating the water and transferring the Betta fish?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:12:34
If I leave the replacement water out for 24 hours before changing the water in the Betta's bowl, is it still necessary to add water conditioner (detoxifies chlorine, ammonia, etc)? I know that at least the replacement water will be room temp, but I'm wondering if letting the water sit for 24 hours will cause any chlorine to evaporate. Also, can you add water conditioner to the bowl when the Betta fish is in it?

How do you transfer a Betta fish from the bowl/tank to a temporary container while changing the water? I've read conflicting advice. Is it better to use a fish net to transfer the Betta to a temporary container or is it preferrable to scoop the Betta & some water out of its tank with a small container?

Thanks for any help.
answer natkk  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:12:34
As to the first part of the question, leaving the container sit for a while is a good idea and the chlorine should evaparate. I have never used any other water conditioner in my betta tanks but I'd probably play it safe and put the conditioner in before you put in you betta. As to the second section of questions I would suggest scooping the betta in the cup you want him in instead of with a net. This way there is no temperature shock and he doesn't have to be out of the water (less stressful). It is good to put some water back into the tank that was in the previous tank because there are good bacteria that are beneficial to your betta that should remain in the tank (that's why it's recommended to change about 20% of the water at a time, so you leave some of the old water and mix it with new water).
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