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My fish likes to play dead?

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Asked at 2010.01.17 05:12:29
i have two pet fish, one male and one female. the female likes to literally beat the **** out of the male fish. no joke i thought it was just the two males that fought but for whatever reason she puts a pounding on him almost everyday. she chases him around the tank and he would not even fight back. she even bit my finger when i was trying to rub the male fishes fin because she is so aggressive. we finally put him inside a roomy cage inside the tank but she found some way to break it just so she could be the breaks off him some more. now check this out, he has found a strategy. one morning when i was going to feed him and the lunatic female fish, he was floating on his side with his eye stuck out of the water. i thought that she had killed him but when i went to get the net to take him out he swam away. he does this now everyday to avoid getting his *** kicked by "lady bites a lot" as we call her now until we get another fish tank for him. has your fish ever played dead?
answer bonnielona  Answered at 2010.01.17 05:12:29
That is too funny...either your fish is really smart...or he is on his way out.....I know that my fish (an albino oscar) will lay down and play dead on the bottom of his tank to try to lure the ghost shrimp out from hiding, then when a victim comes close enough to Ludka's mouth, he immediatly grabs the ghost shrimp and eats it. I would seriously separate them if you intend on keeping both....what kind of fish do you have?
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