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In light of what happened to Don Imus does anyone here feel that the right to free speech goes to far?

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Asked at 2010.01.11 06:09:16
As a Africian-American female I am more offended by the garbage in the rap videos.
answer Mel  Answered at 2010.01.11 06:09:16
It's not a question of free speech. It's a question of tolerance. The government provides freedom of speech meaning that people cannot be prosecuted for the speech they use (of course there are extenuating circumstances where that does happen) in a court of law. However, this does not mean that there aren't consequences. For example, while Don Imus is protected in his legal right to say what he said, his employers have the right to fire him.

The difference between Don Imus and rappers all comes down to money, as awful as that is. Don Imus' comments finally put his bosses in a sitatution where they were losing ads and supporters, and without them, they won't be profitting so it makes absolute sense for them to let him go. Rappers, however, are still selling their records, sometimes because of the profanity, therefore labels are not going to drop them.

In short, the only solution is that people demand accountability, as has happened with CBS, but yet to hit the recording industry. So long as we bring up young people who think that it is not only okay, but artistic to rap about beating women and using them for sex, then the recording industry will still make their money.

But what would happen if we stopped sending this message? The responsiblity is on us to educate future generations and put them in a position where their way out of 'the hood' isn't rap, but education. We need more role models like the rutgers women's basketball team to put a shift in the industry and destroy the market for it. I'm afraid that that's the only way a lasting difference can be made. The choice is ours.
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