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jacks my boy 
Asked at 2010.01.10 06:19:44
I live in a unit with a wooden kitchen, and it is absolutely teaming with cockroaches. There was only a few until summer came, but when I came out tonight to get a drink, there was hundreds of the small brown ones running around. I surface sprayed but it doesnt seem to help, and I have a kitten, so I cant ise that powder coz it could hurt him. Any suggestions?
answer pandy37050  Answered at 2010.01.10 06:19:44
This was an answer I had given in a previous post.
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The advice that we got from an ex-exterminator is that the store foggers don't work. Not for very long or if you are heavily populated. We had a rental place that was disgusting with them. We bought a garden sprayer and mixed up a product called 'cypress' and sprayed 'heavily' every 3-4 days.( purchased from a hardware store) I looked up some info on the web about cockroaches- and could NOT believe it! ONE female lives up to 6 months and can produce 1400 + offspring in that timeframe! after she mates- she eats the male. so more often than not- anything you see is probably a female able to produce more. And needs to killed! A flyswatter gets the ones who try to run! Also sprinkle boric acid in ALL cracks and crevices. I also put moth balls in closed cabinets and closets. another interesting fact is that the egg sack can still survive and hatch out even if the female dies! We used a shop vac with a hepa filter-type bag to pick up the dead. then of course dispose of IMMEDIATLY- away from the house! The roaches will feed off the dead ones if you leave them for any lenghth of time. Of course ALL food, crumbs, garbage etc MUST be cleaned up at ALL times or you are fighting a losing battle! I wiped the counters off with bleach and then sprinkled the boric acid around. don't spray the boric acid with the liquid as it will form a 'paste' and be harder to clean up. This process took up almost 3 weeks to be totatlly bug free- with an empty home. Also we used a Non-toxic 'plant' oil spray to use at ramdom. This process is like trying to get rid of lice. you need to keep on it ALL the time and continuously! And keep everything washed and clean. As for the dampness- there is a product called 'damp-rid' that is little packets you can put under your sinks, in the basement,etc. which collects moisture and when it is 'full'- toss it and replace. I hope this info helps.
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