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What is the sure shot method of getting rid of cockroaches from my kitchen. ?

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Asked at 2010.01.10 06:13:42
the more I use my insecticide, the more they come back, and besides insecticides are not good for health. Any body ?
answer Fade To Black  Answered at 2010.01.10 06:13:42
You can rid yourself of roaches and it isn't that hard really. When I was young I could only afford to live in the low rent district. Well, guess what, so did the roaches.

If you are in an apartment, you can only chase them over to where your neighbors live. It's not a bad idea to get them all to spray at the same time so that your not just trading bugs each time a neighbor sprays at a different time.

Rule number one: Go to the store and buy a gallon jug of roach or bug killer with a hose attachment and a spray trigger on the end of it. Keep it where you can get your hands on it fast. You can adjust the sprayer for a stream or a spray. -- ALSO -- Buy a container of "Roach Proof" or similar powder that they will track into their hiding places on their feet. There are squeezable applicators that you can get for dusting the areas they walk through, like under the stove and behind the frig.

Rule number two: Keeping your new 'bug killer' squirt gun nearby, kill every one you see. Don't spray just because you see one. Step on it or swat it with something like a broom or a rolled up newspaper. Spray only into places where they get away from you. Some of those guys are fast.

Rule number three: Start in the bathroom. Clean everything. Spray into where the pipes go through the floor and the wall. Find a way to seal off the gaps with tape or something. Spray all along the baseboards, where the vanity meets the wall and floor, and up under the sink. They like to hide up in the corners of cabinets where they are hard to see. Spray every crack and crevice large enough to see. If you see it, spray into it and along it. Up and dark is what they seem to like. Spray all around the door jams as well especially into the corners and at the top.

You have now chased them into the kitchen.

Clean everything. Sweep. Mop. Clean under, over, inside of, outside of everything. Spray everywhere a bug can crawl into. If you can see it, they can crawl into it. Pull out the stove and refrigerator, clean well all this area and spray and apply the powder. Bugs will also get into your appliances to live. A touch of spray in them won't kill you.

They are not coming back as you say, they are simply being chased into the open. Keep on top of them. The eggs will not be affected by the spray and will hatch in a few weeks. You will need to stay on top of this war for about a month or so to get rid of most of them. After a very agressive battle, you will then only need a touch up of spray every few months if your neighbors are not as on top of it as you are.

Outside your door, spray all around where a bug can crawl into your place. Around any windows you can reach would be good too both inside and outside.

You can get rid of these little bastards if you stay on top of them. Just keep things clean, and don't let any of them get away. Treat them as if each one is looking for a place to put an egg that will release 100 more of them into your house on each hatching.

Keep looking for places for them to hide and you will be ahead of the game. I don't care how nasty your neighbors are, you CAN keep most of them out of your place for the whole time you live there. As the weather gets colder, bugs are looking for a warmer place to live. Your house is a great place. Start early in the Fall spraying outside all around where your house meets the soil to give them the idea that your neighbor's place might be a little cozier for them.

Best Wishes

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