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Is there any way to get ticks out of my yard, so they do not get on the dog?

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Asked at 2010.01.09 20:50:53
I want something that will not kill any of the plants.
answer $Billy Ray$ Valentine  Answered at 2010.01.09 20:50:53
In order to eradicate your tick problem you will have to do a few things. You are going to have to treat certain areas at the same time to control the infestation. First of all, the area around the yard needs to be cleared of any tall grass or weeds (ticks like climbing vertically). Mow down or weedeat as low as you can. Clean up any yard debris (leaves, pruning debris, wood piles) ticks hide and breed in such areas and will utilize if available. Treat the whole yard thoroughly with liquid "Sevin" (carbaryl) this is a contact insecticide and only works if it comes in contact with the pest target. You can find it at pretty much any large garden center like Walmart and Home Depot. Be sure to spray in the areas that the dog frequents alot. It is ok to use on plants and shrubs also. Always mix according to the directions and no more! The dogs sleeping area, such as a dog house will need to be treated also. The areas around the house foundation will need to be sprayed as well (nooks and cranny's) Repeat this total yard spraying every two weeks for about 3 applications to control the growth stages of the tick. All of the dogs bedding will need to be washed in hot water if this applies.You can buy a home bug bomb to treat the inside of the house as well. Shampoo ol' "spot" with a "pyrethrin" containing shampoo. This is the safest product to use on pets, however, it has no long lasting control. It only kills ticks that it comes into contact with and does not keep the dog from being reinfected two days down the road. Check with your local veterinarian and ask about the vaccine available for dogs against "lyme" disease. It's called..... (Borrelia burgdoferi bacterin) and may be something you would be interested in doing. Ticks are very hard to totally control in the landscape, but if you do these few things it may just do the tick... I mean "Trick". Hope this answers your question..

**Billy Ray**
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