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Wisdom of the heart or Wisdom of the head? Which is the better way for Peace?

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Third P 
Asked at 2009.12.18 04:06:25
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answer simply questions  Answered at 2009.12.18 04:06:25
The fact that I do not have to create a divide between my heart and my mind answering your question proves that there are things in the world that can be done when both mind and heart are in perfectly together, when their wisdom in complete agreement and harmony, as if they were always together for one purpose, one consciousness effort.

For instance, I answer your question because I choose to do so, and why I choose to answer because firstly I like to, and secondly I think this would be a right thing to do. There is no material reward there doing so, but when I articulate my thoughts I not only say what I like to say but also what is best for me to say. I think and compose my thoughts to make my point and in the end I review it once more to see if I like what I have said. The rest is just that matter of clicking few buttons as I wait. I wait with happy anticipations to see if I get any thumb-point and if you choose mine answer as the best. This makes me very happy if you do. I do not feel very happy if you do not choose my answer to be the best, and comes the point that is the matter of your question and crux of my answer, as when I am not happy my mind tries to find the reasons behind happiness, and seek solutions to remedy the situation, but my heart then just feels.

This then is the reality that we begin each times with a good sense the brings our hearts and mind together, or the wisdom of our heart and that of our mind at one place, but at things proceed, and if they proceed the way we anticipated them to proceed, we remain happy as ever. However, if things turn up not to best of our liking we internally begins to split, i.e. heart feeling and mind trying to take charge of the situation.

I am not sure if I have confused the matter a little further or have reached a point where some better insight can be had after all. Let us see! I think if the objective is Peace, with capital P meaning world peace, and the place for that intended peacefulness the world, the world full of human sufferings, pains, sorrow and sadness, much like a broken heart, then the wisdom of the mind seems to be the only logical remedy. But wouldn’t mind, all by itself, be overlooking, the matters of the heart by seeking peace regardless? Then I think after a momentary sojourn both mind and heart come together again to find a bilateral solution of the issue you have presented here.
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