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Will the pain and tears ever stop?

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Asked at 2010.01.07 01:37:10
I am suffering from PTSD. It started off when I found my partner dead in bed. I am receiving counselling for this which I could not survive at all without. It has also revealed that I have two other major traumas I need to deal with too. I am taking medication which has been prescribed to me by my psychiatrist, which doesn't feel like it is helping. I also lost a friend to cancer at the end of September last year.

My grieving for my partner has only kicked in properly in the last couple of months due to the shock and PTSD. It is getting more and more painful and the tears seem endless. I don't want to face the world everyday, I struggle to sleep and I don't have much of an appetite either.

Has anyone been through this? Does anything help to take the pain, tears and distress it causes away?

I would be grateful for any kind words or suggestions from anyone. Thanks
answer abbie  Answered at 2010.01.07 01:37:10
(sorry its soo long i got carried away)

God Bless you Tracey!

I'm really sorry bout your husband, i'v went through similar, though it was my gran, and she had a heart attack after a long battle with cancer(at the time we did not know that it was cancer we didn't know wha was wrong) i watched her die whilst i was bathing her!

every day i would wake up seeing her face gasping for breath, hearing her voice begging me for help, seeing her dead body being wheeled to the ambulance, and seeing her face in horror when i couldn't help her. I'v got a lot of horrible thoughts and pictures of her in me head! but for mr its getting better! I'v ben riddled with guilt, but last month i went to see a psychic and was able to speak with my gran and she told me she was ok! things that she said helped and she said that she's with me every day and she told me things that i'v done since she died so i know that even though i can't see her i know she can see me, and can hear me! and my gran asked me to speak aloud to her when i'm thnking bout stuff about her, good and bad! and for me this has helped soo much! i don't think about all that stuff every morning as soon as i wake up and it doesn't keep me up as much during the night, because i know that my gran (along with your husband and your friend) and all our loved ones before and after them have past on to a better place where they can keep an eye on us!

i believe that your partner is with you all the time and is giving you strength when it all feels too much and standing by your side when you feel too weak to stand! i believe that they are helping us every day! and want us to get better! and think of the good times! even though some times it seems impossible.

I don't know if it gets better (i think so) but it still hurts but in a different way! a way that you can deal with and be happy with, i think it's important to tell friends and family how your feeling and share your grief, i'v got the opposite of tears i can't cry a bit! no matter how bad it gets, so for my i'd give anything to be able to just let go!

but i think that your a brave woman who will get through this rough time, and be a stronger person for it. i really hope you feel better, you have given me a lot of strength and helped me a lot without even knowing it. You sharing your experiences with me back in August helped me to go get the help that i needed for my depression and anxiety and for that i really can never thank you enough! If it wasn't for your help i'd be no further forward with my illnesses

Best wishes for this year xXxXx
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