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Did you ever get a cramp in your abdominal area?

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Asked at 2010.01.06 19:37:26
(unrelated to intestinal distress) from doing too many ab crunches? I want to tell you right now, THAT is one of the worst cramps I've ever experienced from working out.
answer ღDr.Skinny Muffinâ„¢  Answered at 2010.01.06 19:37:26
Strained Muscles can happen anywhere but let me just say you are my hero for attempting the worst exercise on the face of the earth.

I only do ab work by accident. (totally serious)

Kung Fu strength training
Weight lifting
crunches are of the devil I tell you!!!!

hope you feel better soon-advil may help and warm up even if you are only doing crunches...ewe...I don't even like typing the word.
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