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Seeking information on the 1965 Marx Toys plastic characters;"The Marx Spoofing Caricatures"?

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bonsai bobby 
Asked at 2010.01.03 23:22:19
The set of 8, hilarious 6'' military figures,were predominately molded in Great Britain and are in the same vein,as the (18) figure set of 1963-64 Marx "Nutty Mads" and (6) figures set of 1964 "Weird Ohs" figures..
There are often referred to among collectors,as simply "Generals","Marx Generals" or "Marx Nutty Generals"...I personally own only two of the Generals": "General Eric Flugel Von Strudel" and Lieut Saki Sake...Two other character names in the group are,American,"Sergeant Sweet" and Mexican,"Manuel Maraca"..There is also a British & Russian caricature and two other unidentified spoofs,that I've been unable to find info on...I've placed calls to the "Marx Toy Museum",checked repeatedly on E-bay for the past two years, have emailed back and forth with a few other obsessive Generals lovers but with limited success. I do have a few photos of the original 6 figure package,that they were issued in and a grainy color photo,of the (eight?) figures(there may have been dual versions of 2 characters?...

Any additional information at all,would be greatly appreciated(though the curator at the Marx Museum,stated that they had only seen one photo of these figures,many years ago...

On ebay,the figures generally(no pun intended),sell for $300.00-$400.00 per character.

1.Need additional character names
3.Answer to the (6 or 8?)
4. Need direction to finding owners and or sellers of the figures

Thank you for indulging my strange
answer Patrick the Carpathian, CaFO  Answered at 2010.01.03 23:22:19
I will look around, my friend.

Why did you do this to me, lol? I refuse to be stumped.
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