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Yugioh deck?

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Asked at 2010.01.03 06:33:09
this is my exodia deck and i want to know what to keep and what to get rid of.


nimble mamonga x3
thunder dragon x3
right arm x1
left arm x1
right leg x1
left leg x1
exodia the forbidden one x1
sangan x1
marshmallon x1
crystal seer x3
emissary of the afterlife x2


magical mallet x2
swords of revealing light x1
scapegoat x1
toon table of contents x3
gather your mind x3
mystical space typhoon x1
pot of avarice x1
monster reincarnation x1
dark factory of mass production x2
foolish burial x2


mirrorr force x1
torrential tribute x1
jar of greed x3
magic cylinder x1

plzzzzz dont write if ur gonna say horrid things or ur a flaming n00b
answer someone  Answered at 2010.01.03 06:33:09
put in legacy of yata-garasu and upstart goblin for extra draws. mirror force and magic cylinder are not needed. there should be some stall cards (ex: gravity bind, level limit area b, messenger of peace, etc.). spirit reaper should probably be in there too and i don't know if you need the thunder dragons (even with its deck thinning abilities). they should be replaced with cards like des lacooda and dekochi
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