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How can I make my Type 2 U/B/R mill deck more competitive for FNM?

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Asked at 2010.01.03 06:31:59

Grixis Grimblade X 4
Nemesis of Reason X 3
Kedrekt Creeper X 4
Tidehollow Strix X 4


Terminate X 4
Lightning Bolt X 4
Agony Warp X 4
Mind Funeral X 4
Power of Fire X 4
Tome Scour X 4
Haunting Echoes X 1
Rise from the Grave X 2


Mountain X 5
Island X 5
Swamp X 4
Crumbling Necropolis X 4
Drowned Catacomb X2
Dragonskull Summit X1

I recently played at an FNM event, and was completely overwhelmed by creature based decks (go figure lol). So I made it that most of my creatures have deathtouch. I also added Power of Fire so I can enchant my death touch creatures and kill off more creatures. My problem is I needed to control their field long enough for me to mill them. What do you guys think? Any and all help would be awesome :)
answer Daran  Answered at 2010.01.03 06:31:59
In mill creatures are always going to pose a challenge to you, that is just a fact. By choosing mill you pretty much have to kiss damage dealing good bye. The whole point of mill is to attack the cards in the opponent's library not their life total.

Milling is primarily blue and is where all your mill power is going to come from. Other things blue provides for mill is countering and bouncing, something that Ill return to in a bit.

You can also have blue-black mill. While this does work in Two-Headed Giant games where you play mill and your partner plays hand destruction, combining the two into a 60 card deck will kill you in one-on-one.

There are also cards like Mind Funeral ~1UB~ that can be devastating but there is also the chance that the opponent is top decking 4 lands and you could have done much worse to them. There is also Nemesis of Reason ~3UB~ a 3/7 which mills 10 cards when ever it attacks regardless of it hitting. Nemesis is a good miller/blocker but Traumatize ~3UU~ is much better for simply because it in one turn mills the opponent for 50% of their deck while Nemesis has summon sickness, only mills 10 at a time, will probably be snipped on sight.

The only time Id ever play blue-black mill is in Extended where there is good ole' $15 Glimpse the Unthinkable ~UB~ that mills 10 on turn 2. :)

Now for red. Red does pretty much nothing for mill except slow it down. If creatures are going into the graveyard from the library and the opponent's life is not the focus of your deck, then red will not contribute much to your success. In reality, when I lose it really comes down to just getting mana screwed and not being able to obtain the speed. Even then they usually only have a good 5 to 10 cards left in their library by the time I reach 0. If I stoped to deal damage it would really just be a stall mechanic more than anything and they would probably kill me anyway.

Now back to blue, where I'll try to wrap it up as to not to ramble, heh. The best thing you can do to combat creatures in mill is to use countering and bouncing. Counter large creatures that will be a immediate threat and bounce smaller creatures that become a problem generally after they are pumped up, this knocks their buffs into the graveyard and you are safe for a turn. I usually keep these sort of things in my sideboard though as Wall of Frost ~1UU~ is generally enough to keep most creatures back and bring in a few Essence Scatter ~1U~ or Unsummon ~U~ for flyers. One thing you will want to do is side in either Cancel ~1UU~ or Negate ~1U~ for Wheel of Sun and Moon ~(w/g)(w/g)~ that is an auto game over for you if someone can get that out.

Other than that here is my deck list:

Name: Unnamed Contradiction (Pisses my friends off.)
Cards: 64

20 X Island

4 X Merrow Whisperer
4 X Ink Dissolver
4 X Drowner of Secrets
4 X Wall of Frost
2 X Merrow Commerce
2 X Drowner Initiate

4 X Tome Scour
4 X Memory Sluice
4 X Traumatize
4 X Ponder
4 X Cryptic Command
4 X Twincast

2 X Memory Erosion - Works well against Weenie and Combo decks.
2 X Forced Fruition - Devistating with Memory Erosion
2 X Unsummon - I use this specifically with Platnium Angel. Once you have milled them out, bounce her at your opponent's upkeep and win.
3 X Platnium Angel - Stay safe till they are milled out.
3 X Indestuctability - Protects Platnium Angel.
3 X Glacial Fortress - For siding in Indestructability.
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