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Is it a goos type of deck to have all of these type of monsters?

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Asked at 2010.01.03 06:31:29
should you have e-hero d-hero and evil hero in the same deck if could you please provide a deck list becouse i am entering a torniment and need that kind to play so please make tornimate worhty
answer sanjay_r_c  Answered at 2010.01.03 06:31:29
Aster made a good Point there. It is unwise to mix all E-Heros into one Deck. Each E-Hero type have their own Strenghts which can better utilised for maximum effect if played with the same E-Heros.

Regardless of what kind of a Deck you are going to construct, just try to keep the following in Mind while doing so:

1. Keep your Deck between 40-45 Cards.

2. Balance the Ratio of Monster-Spell-Trap Cards (for a 40 Card Deck it could be 20-10-10 or 15-15-10 or 15-10-15)

3. Plan on what kind of a Strategy you are going to Play - High Attack Deck, Burn, Defense, LP gain, Fusion, etc.

4. No Deck is perfect! Keep experimenting untill you find the Deck and Card Combinations with which you are most comfortable playing.

5. Construct your Deck in accordance to the current Banned/Restricted List if you wish to play in Tournaments.

6. In case you want to play a Theme Deck, try to obtain the most common Cards (Staple) used in such Decks.

7. Most important (at least for me!) enjoy playing the Game and not just for the sake of Winning.

Happy duelling!
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