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(yugioh) what is your deck's name?

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Asked at 2010.01.03 06:21:59

answer raizuke  Answered at 2010.01.03 06:21:59
my decks are named,.

"exodia burn"

consists of stall cards, defensive monsters, lava golem and exodia pieces
i also call it a countdown deck because i also use final countdown with it,.

'rage of the dragonlord"

my favorite deck, it can swarm, fuse easily, and lockdown an opponent, blue eyes shining dragon, horus the black flame dragon and red eyes darkness metal dragon are the aces

"edge of the blinding light"

having the ability to summon many monsters in a turn and revive destroyed monsters, leaded by the creator

"requiem of the fiend's soul"

has the main ability of controlling opponent's monsters, using them as my tributes, dark necrofear

about "pyramid of the beasts", i gave it to you as a present for your birthday after it, theinen became your favorite card,. right?,.
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