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Ouija boards?

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Asked at 2010.01.03 05:45:01
I dont get em. ppl say they r evil but y? oh and how do they work? wot do u hav 2 do? Wer can u get them from? I ask 2 many questions... :) lol
answer insanekittykat  Answered at 2010.01.03 05:45:01
Okay, I'm practically a Ouija expert (lol) so I'll help you out.

Some people think that Ouija boards are evil because they've had bad experiences with them. There are precautions you can take to increase the chances of a better experience. But first, you need to know how they work!

Ouija boards act as a medium between spirits and people like you and me. This is how a basic Ouija routine goes:
~The board is set out and two or more people sit around it. (very important, if you've never Ouija'd before, DO NOT DO IT ALONE)
~The players place their fingertips on the pointer VERY LIGHTLY.
~The players now ask a question. (I recommend starting with "Is there a spirit on the board?" . The second question you should ask is "Can we ask you a few questions?")
~After you ask, the pointer will start to move. Be patient, it may move slowly. You can ask the spirit to make a circle around the board to build up energy. (VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER TALK WHEN THE POINTER IS MOVING. SPIRITS ARE ANGERED AND OFFENDED EASILY.)
~You will get a response in letters, numbers, or words printed on the board.
~When done, say goodbye to the spirit and let the spirit move the pointer to where it says "goodbye" on the board.

That's yer Ouija session right there. That's all it is.

Now, precautions to take. Not all spirits are good, you must remember, so do this before playing.
~Pray to your God
~Sprinkle sea salt on the board and pointer
~Light white candles and put one to the left of the board and one to the right.
~Make sure there are no sharp objects in the room or that they are at least out of reach (they attract bad spirits)

You can also do other things to attract spirits. You can...
~Lay out flowers.
~Play soft, calm music quietly.
~Play when it's cloudy (not stormy) and a few days before or after a lunar/solar eclipse (not on the day)

Now, where to find a Ouija board.

They can be found in toy stores and in sometimes in antique shops. You can also make your own board.

~To make a board you first need a smooth surface for your board. (wood, cardboard, plain paper, etc).
~Put the letters A-Z on it (you can write them, paint them, whatever) Make sure they are well spaced. You will also need numbers 0-9, the words YES, NO, and GOODBYE.
~Now for your pointer (planchette). This also needs to be made of a smooth surface and it must be light-weight too. *******If you don't feel like making one, you can use anything see-through like a glass, shot-glass, metal ring/washer, etc******


~Cut your planchette to the shape you want it. Make sure it's at least 1.5"x1.5"
~Cut a hole in it, about the size of your letters.
~Now you can leave the hole empty or put glass or clear plastic over it.
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