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Can anybody tell me stories about ouija boards?

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Chelsie A 
Asked at 2010.01.03 05:38:53
I'm very interested in ouija boards! I havnt got to use one yet because i cant seem to find them anywhere! I'd like to hear some interesting things that happened to you while using the ouija board. Like what questions you asked and stuff like that!
answer ToONipSaDaisicaL  Answered at 2010.01.03 05:38:53
I havent used mine in years, like 20 years ago.. We just asked stuff as kids like how old we would be when we got married, had kids, how many kids, what sexes they would be etc. Said I would have 4 ( I gave birth to 3, lost 1 ) so 4 could be right . I never it asked how old when I die, don't want it looming over me so I never asked, or how Id die, again, don't want that on my mind. We asked it if we could talk to our deceased reletives, it sometimes said yes/ or no. Sometimes it would spell out a name of someone we knew who died years before, but It could have been us pushing it unconciously, who knows. Sometimes for no reason, it would point to goodbye, and it wouldnt work anymore that day. It was right on my husbands name, Jon. One night my friend and I were playing with it, and it was dark, windy outside, we had candles lit inside, but we were all spooked, and for some reason, the pointer in the middle, the piece of plastic popped out and up into the air.. hit the ceiling. I STILL DONT KNOW WHY, scared us to death !!! I feel like much of it is your partner or you pushing it without realizing it.. Its really fun though, I might just get the old board out with the kids tonight and see what happens ! Great question !
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