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Why do Ouija Boards work for some people and not others?

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♥Babyboy due 3/23/10!! 
Asked at 2010.01.03 05:36:54
I'm not interested in getting one. I was just wondering why they don't work for some people. When I was in high school I bought one from Toys R Us when my bf broke up with me because I wanted to know if there was someone else he liked. My mom had bad experiences with them. So I knew I couldnt take it home. I took it to my best friend's house and we turned off all the lights (it was in the day time so we could still see) and sat in the hallway and tried it. I asked it if it was there and what it's name was. It did nothing. So we sat and waited a few minutes still nothing. We felt wierd so we stopped and decided to put it up and try again later. I went to her house the next day and we tried it again. Still nothing. I know that they actually are real and do work and they are very evil things but why do they only work for some people and not others? Has anyone used an online ouija board? Did it work for you?
answer female_respiratory_therapy  Answered at 2010.01.03 05:36:54
Ok, here's the nicer way of putting it: ouija boards are definitely real.
Secondly, the fact/reason that it has not/does not work for you, is because you haven't apparently interested the demon spirits that 'work' them.
Yes, I said demons.
The thing that moves the piece around on ouija boards is a demon or demons.
God has apparantly some sort of 'shelter' or protection around you to keep them from becoming involved with you.
The ones who have this board respond to them are in a 'relationship' then, with demons. They may not know it, but it is that plain and simple.
Be glad that the board has not worked for you.
Once those demons respond to've opened up yourself to their activity in your life..........not just on some board game!
This is real and it is true.
If I were you, I'd thank God..........yes, He's real too and He's the one who made us all, for the lack of 'contact' with those demons through that board game..........and run and throw it away!!
God has all of your answers about why your bf broke up with you and anything else you ever wanted to know.
Please do yourself a favor and get that game out of your home.
Many are called and few are chosen. Perhaps you're one of Jesus' chosen and that's why He's kept that demonically influenced board from working for you.
Do you have fam who prays alot or something?
Even if not, you reeeeeeeeally don't need that thing.
Seek Jesus/God!!
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