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Why do people bother harassing others when they wont get anywhere?

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MILF Detective 
Asked at 2009.12.30 17:30:11
My former girl friend and her pals are continuing their campaign of bull-crap against me. We broke up over 2 months ago and they wont let it rest. All they are doing is convincing me I made the right choice in leaving her. Now because they continue to attempt to give me grief, I have started reporting their comments on my 360 profile. I had 5 different harassing comments today on my 360. Sure I block them but then others of her friends join in. Sick. I can not figure them out. Any clues or comments will be welcome.
answer Udontnome (ad space for sale)  Answered at 2009.12.30 17:30:11
I went to your 360 and read some of the "disturbing" comments recently left to you and followed them to read what You wrote back. (good for you).
This is probably why I don't use the email/360 stuff on this site and where I appear "snooty" mysterious, or even stuck-up to some, this is not the case. It's to avoid what You are going through. People tend to think they are (10 ft. tall and superhuman) when typing threats) on a computer.

Keep reporting the threats~maybe Yahoo will do something. Again, Sorry for what You are going through. This is really childish and proves nothing. What's up with the "all religious dude talking about almost wanting to murder you yet His 360 is all church like"... yeah right.. lol... what's wrong with THAT picture?"
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