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One of lifes greatest sadness's is a trust that's been betrayed. What betrayals of trust have you experience?

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Asked at 2009.12.30 17:25:05
Someone said they'd be there for you, you trusted and counted on them, yet they weren't there for you?

They express they love and care for you yet they're idea of love is sharing and being there during fun, lighthearted times and you're healthy.
Yet, it comes to be discovered they can't be counted on or there for you during uncomfortable, challenging life talks, moments or times when you're sick.

Still in all, there are "gifts" of lessons learned from these experiences. "Gifts" of lessons and traits learned of . . .
***.Discernment. Bringing wisdom and awareness into foundation while coming to know and see what a person is authentically about.
***.Realizing which ones are better kept at a distance, or away from altogether.
***.Knowing your own values. Do the personal values, goals and strengths of you and the other person "yoke" together well?
***.Awareness to not be judgmental. A person is who they are.
***.Knowing friendship and love may be felt yet that doesn't mean the person is right for you on deeper level.
***.Expectations. You may desire and hope another to be certain way, be there for you. Yet, if it's discovered they are of "lesser" ability to personally or emotionally be there for you, then see that and not "attach" or have deeper level expectations of that person.
***.Discovering which are "fair weather" types and those who can really be counted on in "all weather". Realizing which ones are which thus expectations and "judgements" are'nt there to effect relationship and/or cause you grief or hurt.

Have you had personal experience of trust being "betrayed". Either you towards another or another towards you?

Your thoughts, insight on this?
Seeking honest replies, both pro and con...agree with or not.
answer i am Sirius  Answered at 2009.12.30 17:25:05
onelight, having come out the "other side" of just such a betrayal i can only say i am the better for it. Now i am no longer distracted by the other's personal agenda that took so much of my energy...just trying to cope with and understand their emphasis solely on THEIR goals and their brutal and crude approach to life, so unlike my own, demanded all of my time and energy. Now that they are no longer around consuming every moment (making demands and trying to manage me and my thinking and my decisions) the Light has returned to me and i feel buoyant and free.

Clinging to a relationship that diminishes you will sap you in every way imaginable. i always say that if it does not "grow corn" for me that certain someone does not and cannot serve my higher matter how inflated their view of themselves is and no matter how they "sell" themselves to me and others as an advanced being with superior knowledge.

Your heart is speaking to you all of the mine spoke to me time and again that something wasn't quite right. When i finally came to my senses, i didn't have to think was crystal clear in that moment that this one did much harm to my well-being.

It is a process, dear, and i admire you for continuing to probe. You will also come out the other end of this dilemma a stronger and better being. Blessings to you, onelight.

i am Sirius
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