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Prayer Help!Please if you have a heart read this please!?

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C☮l☮rful Fl☮wer 
Asked at 2009.12.27 17:32:48
Ok, I know this isn't a question but this little boy needs prayer from each and every one of you who care. PLease help him.

His name is Caleab Gibson he is 13 years old in 8th grade he goes to a very small school in Virginia. Early December he found out he had bone cancer in his collar bone. He was sent to St. Judes about 2nd week in December. He was still in St. Judes during Christmas. The doctors said if it spreads to his brain he could and more likely die. The doctors are letting him do regular activities there. They are trying to test and see if it still is bone cancer or something else.

Please if you have a heart don't delete this but pray for him. He needs help from every person that has a heart!
answer BeneficentJon  Answered at 2009.12.27 17:32:48
Dear Lord, if it be Your will gran Caleab a cure. Let him grow tall, wise and strong as You. Let him believe in You. Let his children believe and rejoice in the miracle that started wonderful generations. Give him life, give him vision so that the world may have Your future-- a future that is just a seed within him now. Jesus grant this and all future blessings to Caleab. Amen.

† Equitable Prayer Warrior †
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