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Is Eco-Tourism a good thing or bad thing?

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Asked at 2009.12.26 05:08:08
Should we be encouraging Eco-Tourism?

Do the benefits outweigh the costs to the environment?
answer Byderule Permaculture  Answered at 2009.12.26 05:08:08

I know you will disagree with me ,but to preserve Nature ,one has to be there to do that ,if we left it alone ,others would destroy it in no time .

And to be there and to pay for the fencing ,cost money.

To fence people out and also to fence animals in ,for there own protection ,because if they wandered in to places where there are people ,they will be killed in no time .

In Chiapas is a jungle called Lacandona ,full of exotic animals and plants ,Lemurs ,crocodiles,all kinds of monkeys,parrots ,toucans,anacondas .you name it .

It is Government protected ,there are right now and last year as well campaigns on the TV,radio news papers ,to help and save the jungle ,

There are police and soldiers patrolling the perimeters,there are Environmentalist working all over the place ,

And all of this has not made the slightest difference ,the jungle loses thousands of hectares each year ,to slash and burn farmers ,trophy and exotic pets hunters ,and logging companies .

Eco tourism with public presence ,who incidentally only move around in boats or on controlled guided walks ,brings in the money to pay for the protection and could generate enough political pressure to combat the invasion.

We must solve the local peoples economic situations to stop them from harming the jungle
To make them see it as an asset instead ,to further their own financial situation,if it remains intact.

So more involvement is needed from the local people to work with in the conservation concept ,and this is Eco tourism ,to be guides ,part of a service ,work in the hotels or restaurants etc instead of being destructive farmers or hunters fighting for survival.

This has also become the policy in Africa ,One cannot make a game reserve
police the people who live near it stop them from doing what they have always done ,

Many Police men have been killed as well as poachers ,so one must come up with attractive alternatives which will make the people want Nature intact because it will supplement their income more.

the cost to the Environment is far far greater if NOTHING is done ,it will cease to exist eventually

a jungle ,a forest ,animals are like supermarkets with out walls ,poor and rich alike and civilization in it natural expanding mode ,will move in to take it .if it is not heavily protected ,both morally,financially ,physically and politically.

The only Places in Africa today that have animals are the Nature reserves both private and National.

And the tourists pay for the up keep ,which means fencing, helping animals in trouble ,for example a pride of albino lions was born alone they would have been killed quickly ,so they were kept aside and are still alive now ,many animals are saved ,and the scientific field has a window into nature as well as the tourists ,

To just close Nature from interference has proved to be impossible ,one cannot fence and guard everything,although Nature is not always defenseless to unarmed intruders ,on the border of Kruger Park,many migrants are eaten by lions as they try to cross into South Africa.
But some intruders come heavily armed with sophisticated modern weapons,They in turn are hunted by soldiers Paid by Eco tourism.

Eco tourism is just about the only chance Nature has got.
Bring people close to nature to ooh and ahh at and they will leave their money behind to further its existence.

You have to understand that in these places the visitors have very limited access to the reserve,The tourists stay mostly in the lodges drinking cocktails and watching the elephants walk by from a safe distance,since the lodges are build in strategic places such as near watering holes,or they go on safari rides ,a fraction of the parks is actually breeched.Such as Serengetti,Kruger,Wankie game reserve and many others.

And yes there will always exist situations of bad management and/or abuse ,this applies to all situations in our civilized societies as well

And in some places people are allowed to get away with abusing the place by littering ,but that has to be under the managements control.

The places i know come down extremely heavy on offenders ,The people who go on hikes in my friends places in South Africa carry their trash out with them ,and if they don`t they can be send back to get it .

This is avoided by not allowing people to go of alone and at all times must be accompanied by guides and they must pay for them.

There are unscrupulous reserve owners who let
rich stupid pseudo hunters kill drugged lions for incredible fees and call it trophy hunting .
But these are hated by every one else and there are not many of them.

Most professional hunters have changed their guns for cameras and are now working on behalf of the Animals they used to hunt .

The world today is a different world ,than 50 years ago

Having said all that there exist situations where nature is protected with out tourism if owned by the government , the very rich ,or a group of people who have clubbed together,where there is no tourism,but that does not mean that people do not go there .
science has access,an undoubtedly so do the rich and maybe poachers.

the Dutch Queen has large swamp areas that are nature reserves and they are out of bounds until the royal duck hunt of course.Many similar situations exist.

A cousin in Florida with about 10 other residents watch over 560 hectares of mangrove swamp,(they do not allow tourists), owned by the county,but their environmental protection permit expires in 2008 so for how long is this place safe???

Human progress is a very strong invasive force
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