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Ethenol? Why bother if it uses just as much oil to make it? Where's the trade off?

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Asked at 2009.12.25 19:58:44
I heard on the news tonight that the USA used 1/3 of its CORN crop for ETHENOL.

To fuel an SUV full would be the equivalent of a year's supply of consumption of corn by one person. Which is more important? It's ridiculous to spend money biofuels created by food.

Why aren't they looking into producing cars like FRANCE is which run on air? Is it too simple?

The reason our OIL is escalating is thanks to countries like CHINA and INDIA who want our living standards and are producing vehicles which cost $2000-$3000 so that people can thus AFFORD them and oil is in such HUGE demand as a result.

Now I can't fault people for wanting better living standards but LOOK AT THE COUNTRIES we're talking about here? We've empowered them to do so and now who is paying for it all?

Within 10 years the 700 million vehicles on this planet will have DOUBLED. And we're talking about REDUCING POLLUTION??? Does anyone see the problem here???

Gas is at $6.00 a gallon in two years $10.00...
answer magicbird  Answered at 2009.12.25 19:58:44
You raise a lot of excellent points, Eve. Time Magazine did an eye-opening article on corn ethanol about 3 months ago--how corn ethanol as a viable fuel is just a myth perpetuated by politicians to gain votes in corn states; how its raising the cost of food word-wide as corn displaces more efficient crops and cattle pastures; how food now has to be trucked further (because crops and livestock have been displaced)--thus, ironically, consuming more fuel and raisiing food prices dramatically in our grocery stores in recent months--how it is acceleratiing the destruction of the RAIN FORESTS as room is being made for corn growth for fuel; how corn, lending to soil erosion, is allowing good topsoil to be eroded away forever--and on and on it goes, this growth of inefficient corn as a crop thus accelerating GLOBAL WARMING (who would have thought that?)

All for politics. Bad politics.

The comparison of the cost of a gallon of gasoline to a cost of a gallon of milk, made in one comment here, is senseless. For that matter, gasoline is as cheap as water (bottled water) in the US. How sensible is that!

There are other ethanol-producing plants, like 'switch grass,' I believe it's called (which the Canadians are researching) which seem to hold out more hope. But corn is not the way to go.
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