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Who's your favorite serial killer or criminal?

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Asked at 2009.12.25 18:32:04
Living or dead. And why.

Mine's Ed Gein. Not really a serial killer, he was classified as a 'ghoul', but he gets lumped into the same category. I find him fasinating. He was only convicted of killing 2 ppl, yet he remains one of the most famous criminals around! Gotta love Eddie. I have him tattooed on my arm...
Albert Fish is also interesting...
answer J WALKER  Answered at 2009.12.25 18:32:04
the Cleveland torso killer or aka the mad butcher of kingsbury run, back in the great depression there was a serial killer in Cleveland, and Eliot ness was the lead detective you know the one that caught AL Capone, well anyway many people kept showing up with just a torso, arms legs and head missing I think there was like 12 victims that were found, but they thought he killed up to 50, another kill they found they called her the lady in the water, her head was found in lake Erie but never found her body, and heads like hers started showing up, they actually have a dead skin mask of one of the victims in the cleveland museum and the killer was never caught.

But yes I also think ed gein is intreigeng I couldnt imagine digging up a grave and skinning a corpse that takes a certain typ of person.
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