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R&P:__________ is a band/artist you used to love but.........?

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Punch's Purple Jukebox 
Asked at 2009.12.24 06:19:40
This question was inspired by a game I saw being played in my chat room, Bands that we used to like but are now baffled that we ever liked them..

I was thinking of Prince,I was a huge Prince fan and bought every album he released for years, but frankly after Emancipation and Rave To The Joy Fantastic, I decided I had been burned one too many times and no longer buy his albums.

So what is a band you used to support but no longer have any use for..?

BQ: what was your favorite song/album from said artist
BQ2: Purple Rain or 1999
BQ3: is there somebody on your [email protected] List today?

Time to be brutally honest
Have Fun!
answer lolalove  Answered at 2009.12.24 06:19:40
Ooh, here we go.
When i was 13,14 or so i really liked Marilyn Manson.
I wasn't Really goth, i wasn't into "satanism", i wasn't into the [email protected] that he would pull onstage, i wasn't into the stupid rumors.
I just liked the music. And i liked the kind of be yourself whoever that is/not emulating others message that he had.
Imagine how incredibly disappointed i was when he released Mechanical Animals and who HE wanted to be was Mysteriously similiar to a very vulgar Ziggy Stardust >:(
No, sorry. Bowie did it first and Bowie did it better.

bq: Favorite song was Dope Hat (and i guess still is)
bq2: Purple Rain
bq3: A gal at work. She is really getting on my damned nerves. She plays dumb so she doesn't have to do things and yet treats everyone else like they don't know what they're doing (She tried to tell me how to do a refund the other day...i've only worked there 8 years). She calls in all the time but Will Not work for anyone else (even if its just switching days). I'm afraid i'm going to snap on her.
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