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R&p: A nice survey about your favorite band..?

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A.G (The Ego Tripper) 
Asked at 2009.12.24 06:14:28
01. Who is your favorite band or artist?

02. When did you find out about them?

03. Were they still making music when you discovered them?

04. Of all their records, which is your favorite and why?

05. Of all their songs, which is your favorite and why?

06. Which is your least favorite of their albums and why?

07. Which is your least favorite of their songs and why?

08. When and where do you like to listen to this band/artist?

09. Have you seen them live? If so, where and when?

10. How many records by this band/artist do you have?

11. Do you collect rare recordings by this band/artist? If so, what is your favorite of these recording?

12. Do you collect rare recordings by this band/artist? If so, what is your favorite of these recording?

13. If you could only hang out with one member of the band for a day, who?
answer The Radio Waves Were Like Snow  Answered at 2009.12.24 06:14:28
01. Sonic Youth

02. mid-90s probably - I had a friend hand me a copy of "Screaming Fields of Sonic Love," a greatest hits compilation, and I had to seek out where these songs were coming from.

03. They're still making music today, and will be releasing a new album in a few months.

04. Daydream Nation. It's one of my favorite albums period. Such a great blend of the avant garde, punk, and alternative pop/rock. Lee Renaldo's Eric's Trip is probably his best, while Candle, Silver Rocket, and Teenage Riot are all standouts for Thurston Moore. The album flows and oscillates until you get to the trilogy and Kim Gordon blows everybody away with one of the most acerbic and grating, yet beautiful songs I had heard up until that point, as screaming fields of sonic love explode around her and Thurston's vocals.

05. That's a very difficult question... for each performer/writer I have a preference
Thurston Moore: Diamond Sea
Lee Ranaldo: Eric's Trip or Karen Revisited
Kim Gordon: Kissability or Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
Steve Shelley: Silver Rocket

06. My least favorite is probably A Thousand Leaves. It was an uneven effort from them, and, I think, sparked a transition for them - moving on to Murray Street after that which is probably my second favorite album fo theirs. So, it might also be in comparison. The late-90s in general weren't great for the Sonics until they started making the SYR series. That seemed to reinvigorate them.

07. Side2Side - trite lyrics and songwriting, though hypnotic when performed live

08. I never get specifically in a mood to listen to Sonic Youth. They tend to be my default anytime band. If I can't figure out what I want to listen to, or can't pinpoint a mood, I put on Sonic Youth and I'm always happy I did. Though when the new album comes out I'll definitely go through a month or two where they'll be all I listen to.

09. I've seen them live 4 times. Approximately 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2005, if I had to guess based on when their albums came out. Saw them headline each time in Philadelphia.

10. 30 LPs and EPs a single and a split-single with Mudhoney

11. I try to get as many rare recordings as possible. I love SYR 4 - Goodbye Twentieth Century. It's Sonic Youth interpreting the works of great twentieth century composers that influenced their work.

12. duplicate question?

13. Thurston Moore - definitely seems like a really intelligent, cool guy.
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