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Whats your point of view on the state of rock n roll?

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David V 
Asked at 2009.12.24 06:12:58
Here is what some artist think.
Bob Dylan said, "There are groups at the top of the charts that are hailed as the saviors of rock n' roll and all that, but they are amateurs. They don't know where the music comes from".

Billey Joel said "Videos destroyed the vitality of rock n' roll. Before that,
music said, "Listen to me.' Now it says, 'Look at me.'

Branford Marsalis said, "the biggest problem with American music right now is that kids don't listen. When people go to concerts, they say, 'I'm going to see,' not, 'I'm going to hear."

Mick Mars said, "Today, you can go into the studio and not even be a musician, just start beating on stuff and they can take parts out, move it around and make you sound like Slash. You don't have to work at it like you did back in the day.

Ian Anderson said, "A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children."
I like to know what is your point of view?
answer MachPen*´`*•.¸¸  Answered at 2009.12.24 06:12:58
We seriously have to get out of this mindset that Rock and Roll is "deteriorating"; or that it has "lost sight of its original roots".
Rock music--even the "good kind", such as some of the more progressive forms of rock or punk -- may not sound a lick like the Blues music it originally evolved from, but that doesn't mean it's bad. While there are some people who are happily complacent with the sort of masticated-by-the-masses songs that American Idol, and the Billboard Top 100 hands them; those of us who truly appreciate "good rock and roll" know where to find it and that's why we don't ***** too much. We're pretty happy in our little "underground" bunkers. People who prefer a more organic, analog studio recording can achieve that outside of the major record label environment (which explains why some of those artists complain -- that's because some of them are contracted to work under producers, and within the parameters and constraints of mass-marketed labels). Bob Dylan, whom I admire incredibly, may not realize that some of these artists were possibly influenced by some of those late-great early groups, but might have found creative ways to allow the sound to evolve into something else. I really do think that if he were to sit down and listen to a group as dynamic as MGMT or Wolf Parade, he'd see the positive direction rock is actually heading. Whoa. Ok. I'm done
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