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29 year old female pisces?

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Asked at 2009.12.23 21:19:51
are there real astrologer out there if there are will i ever be happy?
answer Freespirit  Answered at 2009.12.23 21:19:51
As a Pisces you can easily find happiness in the smallest of things and events. People will often disappoint you because you hold your ideals so high in the clouds. You will find it much easier to live with this if you remind yourself that humans are NOT perfect, as you often believe. Allow room within your ideals and be flexible but, not too flexible. You have a tendency to be so easy going and "flexible" you must beware of letting yourself be manipulated and molded into what THEY believe you should be. If you lose you, you lose all chance of ever being truly happy. Find the things you love and hold them close, happiness is never far away.
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