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Do you go for their body, mind, or heart? And what are your zodiac signs?

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J* is no more 
Asked at 2009.12.23 21:18:02
Well I guess this can go two pick ONE.... or do both :D
1) When your fighting (((Put Sun, Moon, and Mars signs here)))
>>Do you hurt people emotionally, mentally (verbal way), or physically?
2) When your falling love (((Put Sun, Moon, and Venus signs here)))
>>Do you find attraction on an emotional, mental, or physical level?
Or all 3 in either case?
Put the signs as needed.
Thank you :D :D :D
answer Cruel Intentions  Answered at 2009.12.23 21:18:02
I will answer both of the questions. : )

1. I do all three. It really depends on the situation though. I am definitely a verbal fighter, and can command some words that will make you cringe in fright, but I am a master emotional manipulator, particularly with those close to me. When I use that as my weapon, my own heart is probably strongly involved. I can be physical as well, though I'm not very strong. I have been known to grab at people's throats, use my heels to stab their feet, and dig my nails into their arms. I have hit, pushed people into walls, and have knocked down people that are smaller than I am.

Sun: Libra, Moon: Cancer, Mars: Libra---Conjunct to Sun/Ascendant, Square Moon.

2. I go for their mind and heart. I couldn't care less about their body, that does not provide the love and mental stimulation I need. Actually, if I were to pick the one that is strongest, I would say the emotional connection. For me, love is not something that can be analyzed or explained. It's an intense feeling that floods your senses and clouds all rationality. I may initially be attracted to someone's mind, but the connection and chemistry we feel in our hearts is what keeps me going.

Sun: Libra, Moon: Cancer, Venus: Sagittarius
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