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10th house question: When choosing a career, was it with the heart or with the head?

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Asked at 2009.12.23 21:16:10
For those of you who have chosen a career, or for those of you who, as I did, simply "fell" into one, did you:

Use your head to chose that path? As in, "this is a good career because it has great potential for income" or "X makes good money" or "my parents want me to be a(n) X."

Did you go with your passion?
As in "I love to draw: I'm going to art school!" or "I love working with little kids: I want to be a kindergarten teacher!"

Please tell my which, and why you chose that.

Please also list your 10th house, your Mercury (head), your Venus (heart) and your Moon (why). That way we can compare and contrast.

Thank you very much for good answers. I hope we get enough responses to make this interesting.
answer Justin M (Phoenix)  Answered at 2009.12.23 21:16:10
Well, I have chosen my own way that which makes me happy. As of now, I plan on becoming a nurse, but I also am a Tarot reader too. I love helping others out, so Tarot of course is a good tool for me to work with. As for the nursing thing, I won't be able to really "do it" until I am done with schooling, however, I am drawn to it. Even though I am a warrior at heart, I am a healer in mind and soul. And by the by, I also strive to become a novelist. I LOVE writing and being creative. I don't believe in following others or following in anyone's footsteps for the sake of making anyone happy but yourself. These are my callings-- no one can tell me otherwise.

My tenth house is ruled by Sagittarius. My mercury is in Aquarius in house 12 retrograde, my Venus is in Aries in house 1, and my Moon is in Scorpio in house 8.

EDIT: I should've also listed what you wanted....

My head: Mercury in Aquarius in 12th house... well, a desire to be helpful and communicate my ideas in a creative way. (most def. my writing capabilities as well as the groundwork for nursing.)

My heart: Venus in Aries in 1st house....well, I suppose that being in a prominent position in life would suit me, of course jumping in and taking charge and being independent is what I want to do. (again, living on my own financially depends on me taking charge of myself and obtaining my independence.)

Why?: Moon in Scorpio in 8th house. With Pluto conjuncting my Moon, I have intense passion and a strong will to succeed, as well as Scorpio being the most powerful sign of the zodiac for healing. Dealing with death is natural for me (making me perfect for nursing!) as well as transforming the lives of others. (Tarot work.) I have a fascination for the occult and genuinely helping others.

Technically, my 10th house that is ruled by Sagittarius wants me to travel around for work, or work in a religious or philosophical context, but I neither have a desire to travel much for work (I'd rather travel for pleasure only!), or study religion as a profession, although I'm sure I could be really good at it. BUT- not my calling. That was my past-life tendency anyway. I'm focused on my present-life situation a bit more. Though with Mars, Saturn and Uranus all sitting under Sagittarius, I'm in a bit of a fuster-cluck with that. XD
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