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Serial killers of the zodiac??

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Jamie in hiding 
Asked at 2009.12.23 21:15:48
This question is for fun. No real serial killers allowed.

Let's say each sign of the zodiac is a serial killer. How would they go about it? Who would be the best at it? The worst?

No real examples please. This is not a "theory" or a scientific experiment of any kind. Lighten up and get in touch with your Pluto at the same time. Difficult I know. But possible.

State your sign etc.
answer Dee  Answered at 2009.12.23 21:15:48
Aries: An ax or butcher knife is just fine, either one will do
Taurus: A brick, baseball bat, semi-truck
Gemini: A golf club or hiking accident
Cancer: Boat accident
Leo: Sniper
Virgo: Poisoned chocolates
Libra: Will get an Aries or Taurus partner to do it.
Scorpio: Victim died of unknown causes
Sagittarius: If you give this man a ride, sweet memory will die.
Capricorn: They are always plotting someone's demise already. If you know a Capricorn and they are angry at you, they are musing on ways to kill you.
Aquarius: Accidental death, carbon monoxide poisoning
Pisces: Are the best because you will never ever suspect them or see it coming. After all, they are naive, nice, pushovers and wishy-washy. There are plenty of old and unused homesteads in the woods that have old wells.

I am a Libra.
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